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Empowering Hearts. Strengthening Lungs. Connecting Communities.

At the Cardio-Pulmonary Institute, our mission is clear: to advance scientific understanding and ultimately enhance the quality of life for those impacted by heart and lung diseases.

We are committed to cutting-edge research, innovation, and compassionate patient care. However, we firmly believe that our efforts go beyond the confines of the laboratory and clinic.

Our goal is to make scientific knowledge comprehensible and accessible to individuals of all ages.

Public Events

07. Mai

Wissen angezapft



Dr. Lena Seegers

Warum sterben Frauen früher am Herzinfarkt?


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10. Mai

HKL-Forschung hautnah

Uniklinik Frankfurt


Prof. Eike Nagel

Herzforschung meets KI


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28. Mai

Seniorenuni Gießen

Unicampus Gießen


Prof. Natascha Sommer

Post-Covid-19 – Was kann man tun?


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21. Juni

Night of Science

Unicampus Riedberg


Mariana Shumliakivska

Mutierte Blutzellen im alternden Herzen


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25. September

Kinderuni Frankfurt

Unicampus Westend


Dr. Guillermo Luxán & Dr. Claudia Koch

Thema folgt


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To learn more, please explore our online resources, attend our public events and connect with us on social media. To facilitate individual projects with a school class or other citizens’ groups, please contact Katharina Schulenburg ( We are committed to enabling meaningful and engaging experiences and look forward to collaborating with you!

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