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Time and Career Management


Every week has 7 days, 168 hours or 10080 minutes…. a lot of time to do a lot of things! Still, many of us suffer from the feeling of always having too little of it. You might not give it enough thought on how you actually want to spend it and how to distribute it […]



In this 2-days workshop we will review current state-of-the-art methods for the analysis of RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data. For RNA-seq data we will talk about RNA read alignment, gene expression quantification and differential gene expression computation. For ChIP-seq we will discuss alignment, peak calling and downstream analysis. We will discuss the statistical basics of the […]

Adobe Illustrator Advanced Scientists Edition – Part III

Webinar Zoom

DESCRIPTION: The course is only for those already visiting the Illustrator Basics and Advanced Course and will help you to create specifically those objects you often need. You will learn more complex drawings with more advanced techniques, diagrams, more complex transformations and gradients, symbols for reusing objects, more advanced drawing, effects, patterns for surfaces and […]

Adobe Illustrator Essentials

Webinar Zoom

The course is for beginner and will give an insight into the most important functions of Illustrator to create scientific illustrations: Program application areas, desktop, profile, drawing areas, navigation, views and auxiliary functions such as auxiliary lines, preferences and shortcuts as well as information and exercises on object creation, editing, and organization. There will be […]

Hello Industry

Haus 25B, R31 Theodor-Stern-Kai 7, Frankfurt

Most of us who complete a PhD in a science discipline will end up working outside of academia. Are you wondering what working in the private sector is really like? How do you find these jobs? Do you feel confident that you can impress an industry hiring manager when you describe the very specialized research […]

Scientific Image Processing and Analysis (Webinar)

Webinar Zoom

The course consists of different basic hands-on modules which deal with scientifically correct image editing, basic image processing methods as well as standard image analyses (counting, size and shape measurements, selection creation and intensity measurements). The course content has a focus on micrographs and fluorescent microscopical images. It is constantly reviewed and updated to keep […]