CPI Academy Speaker

Pieterjan Dierickx

Pieterjan is a Principal Investigator at the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung research in Bad Nauheim. His research focuses on circadian regulation of metabolic processes in the heart.


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Julian U. G. Wagner

Julian is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Cardiovascular Regeneration at the Goethe-University Frankfurt. His research focuses on deciphering endothelial communication in the aging heart.

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Why do you think the CPI is a unique catalyzer of your research?

The CPI is a really nice and smart group of people with different areas of expertise which allows for sharing ideas and results. Integration of different data types and different angles to get at research questions is what drives science forward, so this strong community is able to turn novel and exploratory ideas into knowledge that can be translated.

The interactions within the CPI have been highly instrumental in setting up my lab at the MPI.

Why would you recommend joining the CPI Academy?

Research at the highest level is a team effort. The CPI Academy offers all that is necessary to reach the common goal: pushing the scientific envelope. The academy is a cardiopulmonary research community created by and for young researchers. With its international and highly inclusive character, the CPI academy provides an umbrella to empower the younger generation and prepare them for a bright scientific future.

Why do you think the CPI is a unique catalyzer of your research?

The CPI combines the international elite of cardio-pulmonary researchers in one organization. By being a part of this consortium it has never been easier for me to directly interact with high ranking scientists and field specialists. This allows strong basic and translational collaborations, the immediacy of which was only exemplified by establishment of joint research projects at the onset of the COVID19 pandemic.

Why would you recommend joining the CPI Academy?

The CPI Academy provides a protected space allowing young researchers to grow. Early independence can be acquired by start-up opportunities, such as the Postdoc Grant or the Postdoc Start-Up Grant, but also by networking during the high-quality webinars and symposia. Therefore, the CPI Academy not only fosters and maintains interactions among the CPI members but also establishes new ones with highly reputed international scientists.