Academy News

July 2022
Poster prizes at Europhysiology 2022
Melina, Frederike and Sebastian who won poster awards at the Europhysiology 2022 conference […]more
June 2022
Poster prize Weinstein Conference 2022
Joao Cardeira received a poster prize at the Weinstein conference […]more
June 2022
“German Respiratory Society” (DGP) prize for Marija Gredic
Marija Gredics Research provides new insights into the development and possible treatment […]more
April 2022
Franz-Maximilian-Groedel Prize
Jorge Andrade receives Franz-Maximilian-Groedel Prize at DGK Jahrestagung […]more
April 2022
Poster Award DGK
Simone-Franziska Glaser receives Poster Award of the DGK Jahrestagung […]more
July 2021
NEW CPI Postdoc and Startup Grants awarded
Congratulations to the newly awarded grantees […]more
April 2021
Oskar-Lapp-Forschungspreis for Sofia-Iris Bibli
Sofia-Iris Bibli received the Oskar-Lapp-Forschungspreis at […]more
April 2021
DFG Emmy Noether Grant for Sofia-Iris Bibli
Sofia-Iris Bibli was awarded the prestigious DFG Emmy Noether Grant […]more
February 2021
René Baumgart Research Award
Congratulations to Christoph Zehendner and Chanil Valasarjan […]more