October 2022

Weigert A, Zheng X, Nenzel A, Turkowski K, Günther S, Strack E, Sirait-Fischer E, Elwakeel E, Kur IM, Nikam VS, Valasarajan C, Winter H, Wissgott A, Voswinkel R, Grimminger F, Brüne B, Seeger W, Pullamsetti SS, Savai R.


Fibrocytes recruited from the bone marrow are monocytic cells that differentiate to collagen-producing macrophage-like cells in lung tumors. Analysis of the fibrocyte-associated molecular interplay in the cancer niche provided evidence for a hitherto unrecognized crucial role of fibrocytes in promoting lung tumor growth and metastasis, linked with tumor-supportive phenotypic switches in the cancer niche. Local upregulation of the endothelin system in this niche was demonstrated as a critical mediator of these processes, with endothelin blockade being a potential therapeutic concept.