The advancement, support and training of junior and early-mid career scientists in basic, translational and clinical research are central priorities of the CPI. A major goal is to promote the early independence and support young scientists at the potential “cliffs of failure”. For example at the transition between PhD student and postdoc, from postdoc to established group leader, and from established group leader to professorship position. We have designed a number of initiatives to identify and support “next generation leaders” at different career stages in the field of cardiopulmonary science and medicine.

How to become a CPI Academy Member

Medical doctors and scientists are eligible for this status up to 12 years after passing their state examination or obtaining their MSc/diploma. Applicants must provide two CPI PIs in support of their CPI Academy Membership. Please send an electronic copy of the completed and signed form (download “Application CPI Academy” ) to Dr. Claudia Koch (