NEW CPI Postdoc and Startup Grant awarded – July 2021

Congratulations to our CPI Postdoc Grant awardees:


Simone Glaser | FFM

Julian Wagner | FFM

Poonam Sarode | GI

Negah Ahmadvand | GI

Claudio Nardiello | GI

Swathi Veeroju | GI

Lei Wang | BN

Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 19.02.37
Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 19.02.26

Congratulations to our CPI Startup Grant awardees:

Silvia Mas-Peiro | FFM

Prakash Chelladurai | GI

Chi-Chung Wu | BN

Zhen Jiang | BN

Preisverleihung 87. DGK Jahrestagung 2021 – April 2021

Congratulations! At the 87th annual meeting of the German Society for Cardiology – Heart and Circulatory Research e. V. (DGK) Sofia-Iris Bibli received the Oskar-Lapp-Forschungspreis.

Watch the award ceremony here:


DFG Emmy Noether Grant – April 2021

Emmy Noether Grant

Prof. Sofia-Iris Bibli was awarded the prestigious DFG Emmy Noether Grant to study the role of cystein-metabolism in aging and regeneration of blood vessels.


René Baumgart Research Award 2021- Feburary 2021

Congratulations to Christoph Zehendner and Chanil Valasarjan for receiving the René Baumgart research award 2021 for their TYKRIL publication.

The joint work “Long Noncoding RNA TYKRIL Plays a Role in Pulmonary Hypertension via the p53 mediated Regulation of PDGFRβ” of Christoph Zehendner and Chanil Valasarajan should is the research award winner 2021 of the René Baumgart Foundation.

More information here…